Iconic podcast, The Frae, has transformed, rebranding as
I am. with Kylie Lately. The evolution marks an exciting chapter for the beloved host Kylie Lately as she embarks on a mission to empower women to know, like, love, and value themselves more than ever before. The show is hosted, distributed and monetised by Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast network. 

Through personal reflections, regular overshares, and curious conversations with special guests, listeners will finish each episode of I am. with Kylie Lately feeling as if they have just had a heartfelt soul catch-up with their best friend. Kylie takes life lessons and skillfully transforms them into the fuel that ignites the journey of each listener's one precious life.

Kylie Lately, Host of I am. with Kylie Lately, says:

"I am. with Kylie Lately represents an important milestone in my podcasting journey—a new chapter that beautifully aligns with the growth and evolution I've experienced over the years. As I've grown, so too have the incredible individuals who make up my audience.

I am. with Kylie Lately embodies this shared journey of growth and transformation. Through genuine conversations, relatable experiences, and the invaluable wisdom of remarkable guests, my listeners and I will embark on a powerful exploration of topics that empower women to embrace their authenticity and mark transformative changes in their lives.”

New episodes are streaming now. In the first instalment of I am. with Kylie Lately, financial expert Melissa Browne joins Kylie to explore the intricacies of money, including budgeting, different money "types," and the impact of finances on romantic relationships. 

As part of its commitment to the open podcast ecosystem, Acast will make I am. with Kylie Lately available to listeners on all podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Samsung Free, and more. Opportunities for brands and advertisers looking to work with I am. with Kylie Lately and beyond are available exclusively through the Acast Marketplace. Get in touch via sales.au@acast.com 


The Frae rebrands as I am. with Kylie Lately

Iconic podcast, The Frae, has transformed, rebranding as I am. with Kylie Lately. The evolution marks an exciting chapter for the beloved host Kyl...

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