• Written by Chloe Taylor

Putting together an outfit with a cardigan is a lot of fun and it’s simple! Cardigans are always a good choice, in our opinion. You'll find yourself reaching for a cardigan a lot more often as the seasons change! You can never go wrong with a cardigan, whether it's for a cozy Netflix binge or a night on the town with your best friends. In addition, this versatile outerwear is a great choice for year-round use in all climates.

Cardigans are a wardrobe must-have because of their versatility. They’re made from cotton, knit, and cashmere and may be found in a plethora of designs and colors. This versatile garment is available in a variety of lengths, with or without pockets, and in a variety of styles to suit women of all ages. Aren't you surprised to learn that cardigans may also be worn in Summer? When you think about it - they’re truly the ideal beach cover-up!

Let’s look at some of the best ideas for styling a cardigan so read on!

Belt over a cardigan

This is one of the classic ways to style women’s cardigans and it’s truly suitable for all ages. For this look to work, you’ll need a bit longer cardigan and a belt that matches.

When it comes to the belt it can be both wide and narrow, it’s completely up to you. The belt will make the cardigan get some shape and paired with some booties it will give the illusion of long legs. You can match the accessories too! For example, pick the booties and the belt in the same bright color but have the rest of your outfit be neutral.

Fringed cardigan

When I think about fringe, I instantly think of bohemian and cowgirl style. What better way to combine the two than with a gorgeous cardigan?

Pair a fringed cardigan with some amazing cowboy boots and steal the stage in this ensemble. It’s both simple and elegant at the same time. Everything about this look is flawless, from the layers to the trendiness.

Tuck in your shirt

With an untucked shirt and a long cardigan, you may seem larger than your true size. Wear a cardigan over a tucked-in blouse or t-shirt with high-waist skinny jeans to accentuate your waist.

This is just one of the ways to make your body look its best wearing a loose cardigan. If you still feel as if you’re losing shape the cardigan may be too large. In that case, consider putting on a smaller-sized cardigan.

Get a shawl collar cardigan

Consider a cardigan with a shawl neck for a fresh take on the traditional look. With the draped style, you don't have to worry about seeming overdressed in a casual outfit. With a basic T-shirt and jeans, or with leather leggings and a black roll neck, this outerwear may be dressed up or down. This timeless design may be worn by women of all ages and in every season.

Cardigans are perfect for every season

Cardigans and fall go like milk and honey! Consider getting a darker-colored cardigan for fall or a floral one for the spring and plan the rest of the outfit around it. Furthermore, chunky knit cardigans are trendy even in the winter! You may wear a pair of leather slacks or boots for a more refined look. Plus, what better way to round off the appearance than with a few gold accessories? Dainty golden necklaces and small gold hoops are just the things you need to make your cardigan pop!

Wrap style cardigan

If you’re concerned about losing shape in your cardigan but you don’t wish to wear a belt, you may get a wrap cardigan instead. Make sure to wear a tight T-shirt underneath so you feel warmer and more comfortable. You may unwrap the cardigan if you feel too hot as well.

Scarf as an accessory

Since cardigans are perfect for fall and winter it goes without saying that they will look gorgeous with a scarf. Make sure that the scarf color and pattern match the one of your cardigan. This way you’ll feel cozy and will be all warmed up! If you wish to spice up the look pair a patterned scarf with a plain cardigan or vice versa. Play with colors and styles!

Cardigans are probably one of the most versatile clothing pieces next to beloved jeans and we hope that this article has inspired you to get a cozy cardigan for the upcoming season!


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