Dating in the 21st century is certainly no easy feat, but when it comes to the first hurdle of meeting a potential partner, how are we most likely to find them?  

To answer this, global sexual wellness brand Lovehoney has surveyed Australians to find out how couples across the country found their most recent partners and just how their first interaction began, in order to help singles on their journey to finding ‘the one’ - or at least the next one.  

Australians are most likely to find ‘the one’ through a friend 

There are a number of ways we can meet a new partner, whether that's at a crowded bar or at work. But overall, it seems that our friends do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to match-making, as the survey revealed that Australians are the most likely to meet a partner through a friend (13.3%.). It’s also great news for those who have a soft spot for an office romance, as another 13.2% said their most recent relationship bloomed at work. 

Even though dating apps are growing more and more popular each day, surprisingly, less than 10% of the Australians surveyed met their most recent romantic partner online. 

Family and friends play cupid for almost a third of Australians when it comes to first interactions with a partner 

Whether it's a nosy nan or out-there aunty, being introduced by a family member (30%) was named the most likely way Australians first interact with a partner.  

Unsurprisingly, both asking or being asked for your phone number (9%) and interacting on social media (6%) also topped the list, coming in third and fourth place. However, it seems Australians are still all holding on to the thought of an old-school romance, as both of these were named the least desirable way to first get talking to a new love interest - only 2% wanting their first interaction to be a like on a social media post, and 4% to be a message on social media. 

The cities most likely to find ‘the one' at work 

For those in Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Perth meeting someone at work was the most common place to find a new love interest, whilst singles in Adelaide and Brisbane rely the most on introductions from friends.  

Online dating is also popular in each of these cities except for Perth, with just 4% of residents meeting their most recent partner online.  

Please see the full study including expert advice on having sex with a new partner for the first time here: https://www.lovehoney.com.au/blog/finding-the-one-in-australia.html 


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